Elena Doering, MSc

Elena Doering completed her master’s thesis on the effects of vibrotactile cueing on freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease in 2019. She has recently joined the MMNI group as a PhD candidate, where she will investigate molecular and neuronal mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease, such as for example tau and amyloid accumulation in the brain. Her research interest further extends into the domain of machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies.

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Doering, E., Pukropski, A., Krumnack, U., Schaffland, A. Automatic Detection and Counting of Malaria Parasite-Infected Blood Cells. Proceedings of MICAD2020 (in print). Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering.


Merle Hoenig received PhD

Merle Hoenig received a PhD
Her thesis:
„The Spatial Evolution of Tau Pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease: Influence of Functional Connectivity and Education“
received the highest possible distinction!

Michelle Meier, cand. med.

My research focuses on improving imaging-derived diagnosis of Parkinsonian Syndromes via artificial intelligence. Therefore, I explore tools of automatizing the image analysis process by implementing various methods in the field of machine learning and deep learning.

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Michelle Meier
MD student


Gérard Bischof receives prestigious award

Dr. Gérard Bischof received the Kurt Kaufmann award of the German Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e.V. for research on gender effects on tau pathology in Alzheimer’s disease, which includes a prize money of €10.000.

for more information, see here

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Hendrik Theis receives abstract award

The work of cand. med. Hendrik Theis on how dopaminergic turnover in the ventral striatum is linked to impulse control disorders in PD patients was honored by one of the five ECCN 2018 awards for abstract submission at the 7th European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging (ECCN) to be held in Brussels, Belgium, March 26-27, 2018.

See program here.

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